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$100 Laptop Computer

A laptop computer, or simply laptop (also notebook computer or notebook), is a small computer, which usually weighs 2.2-18 pounds, depending on size, materials, and other factors.

Laptop computers are a great way to do you work or just browse online form anywhere you choose, Laptops used to be very expensive and some people couldn't afford a laptop computer so they choose to go with a desktop pc. The top companies are making it much easier to afford a laptop these days there is a project out to make a $100 laptop which is not only affordable for someone who needs a computer it is great because at that price you cant even get a desktop computer, so getting a $100 laptop not only saves you money when buying a computer but you can use your computer anywhere you like you don't just have to be sitting at your desk to go online or do your work. This is a great way to help people who can't afford a computer especially a laptop be able to have the luxury of getting a laptop computer for only $100.

As far as the features that are going to be available on the $100 laptop we are not sure yet but just to be able to go online and actually have a computer for someone who can't afford one that is a great idea and a great price for someone who needs a laptop!

A $100 Laptop is great but a free laptop is even better had put together a list of the top 5 sites on the internet that have special online promotions offering there customers a chance to get a free laptop computer, if you are intrested in trying to get a free laptop computer take a look at the site and try and find a laptop that your like, If you really want to find out more about the $100 laptop check back soon as we will update our information when more becomes available on this new $100 Laptop.

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