Complete reviews of all the latest FREE laptop websites on the internet!


How Do I Get A Free Laptop?

Getting a free laptop is easy, all you have to do is pick one of the top 5 free laptop websites and fill out your email address or in some cases your zip code and a short application and pick the laptop you want and you get a free laptop!

What site is the best to get a free laptop?

All of the sites we rated offer special online promotions for free laptops some of the sites we let our customers rate all the sites and we put them in order the first site is the top rated site and they go down from there, all of the sites listed are top rated and can be trusted to get your free laptop you just have to choose what type of laptop you want the laptop nano,laptop shuffle,laptop video or laptop touch.

Is the laptop really free?

Yes! the sites listed on free laptop websites all offer you laptops totally free some sites may require you to refer friends or to fill out some other promotional offers but when you complete what you ask them to do they will send you a free laptop of your choice!

How do the customers rate the sites?

The sites are rated from the length of the application, the choice of laptops, how safe and secure the website is, and the overall user experience on the site!


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