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Advantages Of A Laptop

Laptops are just as fast as desktop computers, the advantages of a laptop is that you can bring them anywhere when you travel, go to the beach or even just sitting on your couch. Laptops are starting to get cheaper in price and they are just as fast as a desktop computer, you can get a laptop with up to a 17 inch screen so it can even have the same size screen as your desktop!
Laptops come with nice bright screens and most them have wireless internet built in which is a great feature because then you can use your laptop anywhere around the house! a laptop is a great investment if you want to have the freedom of being able to access the internet anywhere in your house. You can get a laptop with cd or dvd burner and also a dvd player do you can use your laptop to burn music or even watch a movie. There are many advantages of getting a laptop. Free laptop websites is a great place to find the laptop you like and order it online for free!

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