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What Is a Laptop

A laptop computer, or simply laptop (also notebook computer or notebook), is a small computer, which usually weighs 2.2-18 pounds, depending on size, materials, and other factors.

Laptops usually run on a single main battery or from an external adapter which can charge the battery while also supplying power to the computer itself. Many computers also have a 3volt cell to run the clock and other processes in the event of a power failure.

As personal computers, laptops are capable of the same tasks as a desktop computer, although they are typically less powerful for the same price laptops have become a little better of a bargain recently. You can get a new laptop for under $500 if you search around for a good deal. Laptops come with cd and dvd burners they also have a dvd player and very bright clear screens they also make screens just as big as your desktop, it is up to you when choosing your laptop if you want something small and portable or something that is a little bigger but has all the same features as your desktop but a lot smaller. Laptops contain components that are similar to their desktop counterparts and perform the same functions, but are a lot smaller and optimized for mobile use and efficient power consumption. Laptops usually have liquid crystal displays and most of them use different memory modules for their RAM. In addition to a built-in keyboard, they may utilize a touchpad for input, though an external keyboard or mouse can usually be attached.


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