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This site designed to help you find the best sites to get a free laptop. Many best gaming brands sites offer promotions online for a free laptop, but they all have different ways to actually receive your free laptop. We have rated the top 5 sites on the net to find a best gaming laptop online! We have taken all of our customer ratings and editors votes to design this list of free laptop sites, and help you find a great laptop deal! Choose your favorite site and get your free laptop online! Choosing your free computer can sometimes be very hard, we have listed the featured site which is the top rated free laptop website, but we also listed all of the top websites rated by our customers who enjoy getting free stuff, its not just about getting free stuff its about the money you save being able to get a laptop with the best gaming graphics card fro free from these special online promotions. All you have to do is simply take a look at all the websites and apply for your free computer!

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The Choice is up to you! With over 3 Differen't laptops to choose from you can't go wrong when choosing your free laptop from the laptop report card! This is an amazing offer and one of our favorites! they are always giving you new laptops to choose from! So stop reading and get your free laptop today.

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Free Toshiba Satellite Laptop
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This is a great site they always offer the best deals on free computers you just simply put in your information follow a few steps and then you can get a new laptop computer! There are many sites online to get free computers but this is one of the customer favorite sites and offers good promotional laptop offers

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Get A New Apple Macbook Air
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This is a great website, not only do they offer your a free laptop computer, but you get a free apple macbook air one of the coolest laptops on the market. And that is not it not only do you get this free laptop, you get to choose your color! Thats right! you can get a custom colored macbook air for free. don't miss out on this laptop deal.

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Dell Has Really Done it again with this one! They have managed to make one of the best laptops on the market. If you are looking for a laptop deal this is the deal for you! For A Limited time you get to test and keep a dell xps laptop. Yes you heard it right you get a free Dell XPS laptop.


The Advantages of Free Laptops

With all the buzz on the new apple ipad, you donít really here to much on apples biggest tablet competitor yet the hp slate. We are going to fill you in on what to look out for. The New Hp slate tablet by Hewlett Packard is really going to give apple a run for there money in the tablet word. This new slate is supposed to be priced cheaper than the ipad, and have more features. We will see if Hp can actually compete with the ipad once it is out. One of the coolest things about the ipad is the bright screen, and you can use the ipad as a e reader this is 100 times cooler then the amazon kindle to use as a reading device.

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There's Nothing Better Than a Free Laptop

There's nothing difficult about getting a free laptop online. There are two ways to get your own personal laptop online for free, and with virtually no effort at all. You can browse in different "online classified advertisement" sites and look for the "free" section. Sometimes local people offer laptops for free, you just have to pick them up. You can use this alternative if you are not too picky, and you don't care if your laptop is a little bit old, used, or if you have to repair something before using it. However, if you are too picky and you want a brand new laptop for free, there's another option that you might want to consider. There are different sites that offer you laptops for free. The first thing you have to do is find out which sites are offering you laptops for free and sign up. Some websites offer you other freebies too like plasma TVs, gaming systems, and cash; it's up to you to pick up whatever you want. Next, you have to agree to their terms and conditions and always make sure to read the fine print. A lot of people gets angry at these websites because they didn't read the fine print, so always make sure to do that, these websites are 100% legit and it's not their fault if you didn't read the fine print. Read More

Who Wants a Free Laptop?

This is a question that most of us know the answer to, itís more like who doesnít want a free laptop. If you are interested in a new computer, is the right spot for you. We review daily all of the latest laptop computers and post detailed reviews for our visitors to make sure they find the laptop the best suits there daily needs. When looking for a laptop, free laptop, free computer whatever you want to call it even though you have the chance to get a laptop free you still should make sure it has everything you want, so you will be happy with your new computer for years to come.  More Info

Free Laptops

Free laptops are a great way to get a new computer most, if not all, laptops are equipped with a laptop battery charger upon delivery and other great accesories, many people are always in search for a new computer but sometimes it is hard to get one because they are expensive or they just don't have the time to go get one. Perhaps you're wanting a more business related laptop or maybe an entertainment based notebook, nonetheless the search can turn into a chore.But finding websites like this one can help you find the best computer for free. A lot of company's offer limited time online promotions for free laptops and what we do is list them all on one page for you and rate them in order of the top websites and you can choose your favorite free laptop. More Info


Computers in modern days have differed greatly from the computers just a few years ago. Computers or at least in the first sense of the term even referred to humans, or anyone or anything that could calculate. Historically people would even reference the abacus as a computer. However the computer as we know it today didn’t come into existence until the mid twentieth century. So by then all of the background had been made and it was easier to conceptualize the modern computer. Once people saw the need for a machine that could do calculations, programs, etc all automated the computer really took off. Some of the smartest people in the world were competing to come out with the first computer for consumer use. . More Info


Laptops are a mini version of the desktop. They come in super handy for mobile use the new dell laptops is one of your favorites. Most of them have the same capabilities and uses as desk tops as well. However some of them can have fewer capabilities depending on what you use them for. Some people only use laptops for word processing like writing novels or daily journal entries instead of using an old school dairy. The security is a lot better or stringent on lap tops obviously. And your big nosy brother cannot steal it and read all of your secrets. That’s only I benefit of a laptop. Benefits are innumerable depending on how you use it. Some have applications that are for creative purposes, which can allow software downloads of your favorite applications. Some laptops can be used, as you own personal photo albums, storage wise. Some laptops are even used by racecar teams to program certain software applications into the cars. For example a lot of newer cars are all computerized to tell the transmission when to shift, how much fuel to oil ratio to give the motor to allow for the best performance. The laptop can be brought to the racetrack and adjustments can be done right there. More Info