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With all the buzz on the new apple ipad, you donít realty here to much on apples biggest tablet competitor yet, well here im going to fill you a in on what to look out for. The New Hp slate tablet by Hewlett Packard is really going to give apple a run for there money in the tablet word. This new slate is supposed to be priced cheaper than the ipad, and have more features.

We will see if Hp can actually compete with the ipad once it is out. Right now we just started testing our own apple ipad and we have to say we do love it! Not so much as a laptop, but as a good all around device. The IPad has some great features and some really bad ones. Letís start with the features we like: One of the coolest things about the ipad is the bright screen, and you can use the ipad as a e reader this is 100 times cooler then the amazon kindle to use as a reading device.

We predict in the next few years that schools are going to stop using text books and giving students devices like the ipad with all of the text books loaded on to them. This move would probably really save the schoolís money from purchasing all those books. Second thing we love about the ipad, with all of the cool applications available you can use your ipad as a all in one remote to basically control you whole house.

With some of these home theater remotes costs over $500,- and ones with bright screens like this over $1,000 this is actually cheaper and you also get a computer and other cool things out of the device. You can use the ipad to turn on your tv, change channels, turn your surround sound on control your surround sound, you can go as far as basically controlling your whole house, you can set the a/c , heating, lighting and more for this alone we think the apple ipad is an amazing device.

Another cool feature of this apple tablet is the abilty to access apples market where you can download over 10,000 applications this is a plus and also one of the negatives we explain in our dislikes. So the main thing we dislike about the apple ipad is the face that is it running on the same os as the apple iphone. We were really hoping this would be more computer like, so its basically like you are using a huge iphone not a laptop.

Although the ipad has more cool features then bad this is the only thing we really dislike so far about the apple ipad.  

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