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Do you ever get those ads while you're surfing the internet that say something like, "Free Laptop", "Free stuff", or "Try and Keep a laptop...On Us!"? Do the promises of a "free laptop" infiltrate your email inbox or even your spam filter?

Needless to say, most people find these ads really annoying and ignore them, or even think that they are a scam. But some of these free laptop popups, banners and emails are actually real. It's just a matter of knowing which ones you can trust, and which ones are fake. Free Laptop Websites is a new database that follows up on the free laptop promising ads and agents so you don't have to figure out which are legit. The site reviews all of the "free laptop" companies out there, and depending on the type of laptop and way to earn it, can help you find the right free laptop website for you.

The home page includes a Featured Laptop of the Day, as well as a Top Five free laptop give away site list. Your rating of various web free laptop web sites helps Free Laptop Websites form the most accurate reviews of the sites that make the Top 5 list. The reviews the website provides are in depth descriptions of the sites, what kinds of laptops are available from that site, what you must do to get a free laptop from them, and the security of that site.

In order to get Free Laptop Websites working for you, you need only fill out an application to the web site. Once you apply, you will be one step closer on your way to your very own free laptop. Each of the sites generally offers a different major brand name with one or two different laptop models from the same brand, and sometimes even other specifications such as a choice of color.

While you will receive your laptop offered on any legit free laptop and free stuff sites, such as those recommended by Free Laptop Websites, totally and completely free of charge, you usually have to fill out an application or submit one or two product reviews, often of the laptop or any other free stuff you receive, for the company that provides it. 

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