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Free Stuff

Who doesnít like Free Stuff? If you are a good bargain hunter you can find all kinds of free stuff or even discounted items. Coupon books are the best. Even if you donít use all of the coupons in them you can still have the book pay for itself by using just a few of them. I will admit not everyone is going to use all of the coupons all the time,

it would be too much to keep track of. Watching the news papers and sale ads will also help you to get free stuff and great deals. My favorite is finding buy one get one free. You can find these with food, clothes, shoes, etc. Too bad they donít offer those kinds of promotions with cars. Free stuff can be found all over the internet, you just need to know where to look without getting scammed. Giving people your general contact information is fine in order to get free stuff or coupons, they will just sell that info to other advertisers so they can also give you more free stuff.

Just watch out for those that require a credit card number. However if they require a credit card number it may just be for shipping and handling. But make sure to watch your card statements.

I have known people to live their entire adult live off of coupons, deals, specials, and freebies. They know where to look. Of course it takes up a lot of their time but in the end its worth it. They find these by using the coupon books, listening to TV and radio ads, etc. You also cannot be brand loyal and still do this. You have to be able to just take and use what comes your way, you cannot be picky. Because some high end products will not use coupons.

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