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Computer Information

Computers in modern days have differed greatly from the computers just a few years ago. Computers or at least in the first sense of the term even referred to humans, or anyone or anything that could calculate. Historically people would even reference the abacus as a computer. However the computer as we know it today didnít come into existence until the mid twentieth century. So by then all of the background had been made and it was easier to conceptualize the modern computer. Once people saw the need for a machine that could do calculations, programs, etc all automated the computer really took off. Some of the smartest people in the world were competing to come out with the first computer for consumer use. However, only the government has the very first computer applications and then it spread from there. They had huge rooms and one machine would take up the entire space. So it was not practical for the general consumer to have such a monster in their home. Computers are made from a ton of different parts that are fit together to work in harmony. Even though a computer is only good as the information you put in there, most are still very useful. They have a great ability to store and execute a bunch of instructions or programs. This is what makes them different than calculators. One thing about computers is that they donít have the ability to input emotion into their decisions. Itís all black and white with them. Computers can also be thought of in the sense that they are robots, cameras, etc. It all has the same basic functionality; just in a different format. Depending on the storage capacity the possibilities are endless. Computers are fun, and a necessity to most people and businesses, but they can also be dangerous. Especially to those who do not know how to use them. For one all of your data stored on the computer can be lost for multiple reasons. So itís good to always have a back up. In terms of the Internet it can be dangerous because there are a lot of scams. Granted there are also a lot of legitimate sites as well. The tremendous amount of freedom the computer gives us is addictive. It makes lives easier over all.

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