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Laptops are a mini version of the desktop. They come in super handy for mobile use. Most of them have the same capabilities and uses as desk tops as well. However some of them can have fewer capabilities depending on what you use them for. Some people only use laptops for word processing like writing novels or daily journal entries instead of using an old school dairy. The security is a lot better or stringent on lap tops obviously. And your big nosy brother cannot steal it and read all of your secrets. Thatís only I benefit of a laptop. Benefits are innumerable depending on how you use it. Some have applications that are for creative purposes, which can allow software downloads of your favorite applications. Some laptops can be used, as you own personal photo albums, storage wise. Some laptops are even used by racecar teams to program certain software applications into the cars. For example a lot of newer cars are all computerized to tell the transmission when to shift, how much fuel to oil ratio to give the motor to allow for the best performance. The laptop can be brought to the racetrack and adjustments can be done right there. To use the lap top for Internet purposes is very doable. There have been great increases in the amount of restaurants, coffee shops, stores that have wifi. This enables their customers to get online, hang out, and eat or drink while surfing the net. I am sure itís a lot better of a view than being at home. There may be some interruptions but overall at least you are getting out of the house and somewhat socializing. Now this raises some security issues for some people. Since their data is floating back and forth in space since everything is wireless. But for others itís not an issue. Securing a wireless network requires authentication and encryption technologies. Authentication is the process of ensuring that a user is authorized to access the wireless network. For personal networks, authentication is usually handled with a username and password. In the corporate environment, authentication technologies include digital certificates, smart cards, and fingerprints. The type of data that needs to be kept confidential may determine the type of security levels required for that data. Schools use laptops more often these days. Itís easier for each student to provide their own laptop, which surprisingly can be found at some discount stores. This may be easier for each student to have their own; however it may not be that way for the parents. The parents have to pay for each of these laptops. But overall laptops have become necessity in our society.

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