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Apple Imac Computer

The apple imac is one of the coolest looking desktop computers on the market, they make the imac in two sizes. You can get the apple imac computer in a 20 inch all in one widescreen computer or a 24 inch widescreen all in one computer. Both of the computers come with a intel core 2 duo, the new intel core 2 duo processors are very nice and fast! They make the 20 inch computer in a 2.4 ghz and a 2.66 ghz model and the 24 inch model comes in a 2.8 ghz or a really fast 3.06 ghz model. The computers range from 1gb or ram all the way to 4 gb of ram, the max ram you can put in the imac is 4gb. When it comes to storage this computer has a 320 gb serial ata hard drive or an optional 500gb or 750 gb hard drive. This is a really sweet machine; the graphics on the computers are great with the ati radeon graphic card. Also you get built in Bluetooth and wifi. If you are looking for a cool looking computer and a fast one this is the computer for you. The imac is defiantly worth checking out in your search for your next pc. With all of the new apple computers you get the option to run it as a mac or switch over to windows if you really actually want to do that. Do your research and you will realize that this is the best all in one computer out on the market. 

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