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Free Laptop For College

You’ve seen the ads and you may have wondered if you really can get a free laptop for college like the ads say you can? The answer is yes and no. Yes you can get a free laptop and no, it’s not really free, you do have to work for it and pay some small fees for shipping. Did I just confuse you? Let me explain how those free laptop ads work.

Step 1: you have to be eighteen, so if you’re under age, you’re going to have to get your parents in on this deal. You may need them for step 2 so you round them up anyway.

Step 2: you’re going to need a credit card. I know you’re thinking, “Hey, Wait a Minute That’s Not Free.” What you’re going to do to qualify for your free laptop for college is look at advertising from a number of businesses. It may be magazine subscriptions, it may be acne creme, and it may even be a free satellite dish. The bottom line is this; the advertiser that is offering to give you a free laptop is going to get paid a commission every time you look at one of their partners ads. They may get $10 dollars from one company, $5 dollars from another. So to qualify for your free laptop, you need to go through the entire process until you have completely qualified for your free laptop for college.

To be honest, looking at all the ads is kind of fun and you may even find some special deals on items that you may actually want to buy. Look at it this way, if the advertiser for the free laptop says that you have to complete 10 offers that they show you and it costs you say $50 dollars in shipping costs and in return you get some special deals and a free $1000 laptop – I’d say that is a very fair exchange.

One word of warning though, make sure you know the rules and conditions that you need to meet before you sign up for the free laptop for college. If you skip a step you won't get your laptop. Each advertiser has different standards. You should find the one that sounds best to you. Follow the directions carefully and you’ll be enjoying your free laptop for computer in no  


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