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Best Free Laptop Computer

Finding the best free laptop can sometimes be hard, there are so many laptops to choose from and so many websites that offer this promotion. The trick on finding the best free laptop is finding a website that is trusted and that has good reviews, so many websites out there say they are offering you free stuff but aren't really giving you anything for free. Once you find the website you like now you need to choose what really is the best laptop for you, do you want to go with a Toshiba, hp or maybe even apple macbook or the macbook pro. Deciding what laptop to get depends on what you primarly want to use it for and which one you like the look, feel and weight off. If you just want a simple laptop to browse online and check emails a basic laptop would be good for you, if you plan on adding a bunch of music and pictures to your laptop you might want to find one with a bigger hard drive and more ram, the more ram you have the faster your applications are going to load up and run, most laptops come with anywhere between 1gb of ram and 4gb of ram, if you want to open applications quick it is recommended to get at least 2gb of ram, if you want a really fast laptop thjen you might want to get 4gb of ram, but don't stress it because most laptops can always be upgraded later on if you get more advanced and need a fast computer you can always upgrade your ram later on, as far as things you can upgrade is the size of the laptop and screen, make sure you pick a laptop with a bright screen that you can view without a problem and its big enough for you to do everything you want ,but not to big so it's hard to carry around, when searching for the best free laptop a 15 inch screen usually does the trick it is big enough to view everything but no to big so it doesn't get to heavy to carry around with you.  

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