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Finding A Cheap Laptop

Getting a cheap laptop is great, finding one is not always easy. Laptops are not always easy to pick out with so many options these days you really need to pick and choose what options you want.
When deciding on a new computer cheaper is not always better.

Everyone loves a good laptop deal but if you go to cheap you can end up with a laptop computer that is only going to last you a year or to if you are luck.y. When you purchase a laptop above the $500.00 range you can be assured you are getting a computer that is going to run much fast and last much longer.

When you are on the look out for a new computer, make sure you pick one with at least 2mb of ram and a hardrive that is at least over 100gb.

Also another thing we prefer is going with a intel over amd or atom processor they seem to last longer and perform better. We suggest you find a cheap laptop with a intel core 2 duo, as long as you have that you are going to be happy with the performance.

Another thing is to try and get windows 7 which is launching this month, windows vista really slows down you computer and doesn't run to good. If you want good performance stick with windows 7 when it arrives.
Another option if you are ready to spend a little more money is to go with a apple computer, apple macbook pro's are the best of the best when it comes to computer. You can't go wrong with a apple computer.


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