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A Free Laptop Deal

The internet is literally inundated with opportunities for free merchandise and products. One of the more popular giveaways and deals are for laptops. They are the centerpiece for the new generation. We literally 'need' a laptop and we are always buying the latest and greatest. Even between purchases we are pining for a newer, faster, and more original laptop than the one we own. Laptop deals and free giveaways are everywhere online and they are the first thing we look at on any web page. The banners are usually adorned in bright colors and big text. Almost always they have some element of animation on them, which catches our attention. Sometimes they even have a built in game right on the banner that you can play without visiting the website until you finish the game; in which case visiting the website becomes a kind of reward for beating the requirements of the mini-game. Its smart marketing. The yearning for a new laptop always makes us take a second glance and the beginning of a hunt for a free laptop.

Marketing professionals realize our dependence and yearning for laptops, which is why so many that are in charge of websites and Internet portals give them away for free. Typically, they only require the user to answer a few questions either on a subject or about themselves in order to help that company's market research department, so they can subsequently learn more about the customers that buy their products or visit their sites. They see it as a potential return on investment. All the information gained through the surveys and questionnaires will likely be equal to or greater than the cost of giving away one or two laptops.

The most common place to find these free laptop deals are through banner ads and Internet hyperlinks. Most times you don’t need to specifically search for ‘free laptops’, though that is an option as well. Websites of all sorts have banners to set you on the path to finding a free laptop, ranging from small blog-type sites to social media giants

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