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Totally Free Stuff

One of the great things about the internet is that it increases the ability for communication between many different groups of people, including businesses and their customers. Businesses have long been willing to give out products for free under certain conditions. However, in the past these products would only go to a select group of people who knew about this long ahead of time. Today, with the internet increasing awareness and accessibility, it is easy for anybody to get a product for free.

There are many websites to get free products online. Many companies will offer these programs through their own website, but there are also high-quality websites that companies flock to in order to offer their product for free. These products are everything, from televisions to computers, to cellular telephones. They do this for many reasons, including to increase awareness of the product, to increase product market share quickly, and even to test the product in a closed beta period.

On these websites, a person will typically have to make some kind of promise when accepting the product, but little more. This may be filling out a survey about your use of the product, promising to act as a product demoer for the tester's friends, or promising to give feedback. In certain situations, the free product may even be a product that is still in "beta" or in the testing stage of its development, in which case the tester may have to sign a nondisclosure form. But in all cases, the product will be the tester's to keep forever.

Some websites offer free products for completely different reasons. These sites, rather than offering the product at the behest of the manufacturer, will offer the product in exchange for information. For example, some websites will request that you fill out their survey giving some information only, such as name, email address, and street address, in exchange for the product. These companies may sell this information in the future to recoup their losses for giving away a free product, but only to trustworthy sources.

The final form of website that gives out totally free stuff does so with an ad-supported model. These sites give you something for free if you are willing to become a member of a number of their partners. This is an excellent model for the consumer because typically these memberships can be canceled immediately, easily, and the consumer gets a free computer. And the information is always safe, as the websites cannot risk their good reputations.

If one knows where to look, it is not difficult to find totally free stuff online. 

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