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How to Get your Free Computer

There are many advertisements on the Internet offering free computers. You probably think they're all scams....but you'd be wrong. You really can get a computer, usually a laptop, for free, but that doesn't mean you don't have to do a few things in return.

Most of these sites offer a free brand name laptop with great features, but expect you to help out their advertisers at the same time. This is easy enough to do. Many of the advertisers offer free trials to their services; others might require that you refer a certain number of emails to them so that they can offer their services or products to your friends. If a purchase is made as a result, your account is credited. There are so many different options available that you are bound to find a few things that you would have wanted anyway.

There are very important things to remember when trying to get your free computer. First of all, to be credited properly, be sure to use your real information in all parts of the process. Read and follow all the directions in the terms and agreements, otherwise you might be under the impression that you could sign up with any six companies, when you actually need to select at least two from each level to be eligible. Follow the directions precisely.

Upon application to the offers you will receive an email; save this email. It may become all important in the event that an error occurs in crediting your account. Directions on how to submit proof of completed offers is in the terms section on the original website, that is, the site that offered the computer in the beginning. While advertisers generally notify the original company that the offer has been completed properly, it is a good idea to keep all correspondence from advertisers in support of your participation.

So, you see, you really don't have to purchase anything. If you decide not to continue with a service, simply follow directions to cancel your trial membership within the specified time period. Your decision does not affect the outcome of the free computer offer. Once all the requirements have been met, and proof submitted, you should receive your computer within 30 days. As a bonus, you’ll have had the chance to check out various services, and might even decide to keep some of them 


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